Lawton Chiles Middle School

Lawton Chiles Middle School is nestled within Oviedo’s beautiful neighborhood of The Sanctuary. It is a school in the “A” rated Seminole County Public School Disctrict. 

Students working on a math problem.LCMS guides children from grades 6-8 and nurtures curiosity, success, and community.

“We are a collaborative environment embracing diversity and supporting the local community, focused on developing students to be productive lifelong learners able to compete on a global scale through self-directed learning, critical thinking, creative expression, and inquiry based study.”

Lawton Chiles Middle Schoo of The Foundations for Seminole County, a non-profit organization that works towards enhancing the already superb education experience of students and educators. Once they’ve completed their education at Chiles, depending on their zoning, will either go to Oviedo High School or Hagerty High School. 

Lawton Chiles holds a few different programs to inspire their young community, including but not limited to a Think and Design Program that focuses on robotics and engineering and competitive arts programs (band, chorus, and theater) that have earned the rank of superior at competition. Additionally, student shave the opportunity to choose from 32 different elective courses and 10 different virtual classes and more than half the student body has taken the initiative to take high school level math courses.