Paul J. Hagerty High School

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Paul J Hagerty High School is located near Oviedo’s Crossings at Little Creek and a stone’s throw away from the University of Central Florida. Located in an “A” rated school district,

The mission of Hagerty High School is to provide a nurturing learning environment where students can obtain the skills useful to become productive, creative, and caring members of a diverse society.

Hagerty boasts 31 AP courses, potentially $8 million in scholarships, a 97% graduation rate, and well over 57+ student organizations available. Their AP Exams are administered at no cost to students and have a pass rate of 82%, compared overall to Florida’s pass rate of 51% and the national pass rate of 57%. Additionally, juniors and seniors have the chance to take their SATs at no cost and have a higher score average compared to the Florida average. There is also an opportunity for students to earn industry certifications. 

Students have the chance to pick from a diverse and thriving athletics program including 48 different teams. There is also a robust award-winning arts program that includes theater, band, chorus, dance, art, newspapers, and yearbook. 

Hagerty has also been recognized by the Washington Post as one of America’s Most Challenging High Schools and has earned the US News and World Report of a Silver Medal among public high schools rated on a national scale.