Our Mission, Vision, and Values

We are strong supporters of Keller Williams’ Beliefs, Mission, Vision, Values, and Perspective. We strive every day to model them when working with and for you, and in our personal lives. 

The Realtors® and staff of Jean Scott Homes, additionally, has the following:


  • To provide our customers with exceptional real estate services.
  • To help support families in need and give back to the communities that we serve.
  • To cultivate the growth of our REALTORS® and staff, professionally and personally.


  • To be the real estate professionals of choice for Orlando, Florida homebuyers and sellers.


  • Integrity: We always will be honest with you and when working for you.
  • Stewardship: We work to protect our customers’ money, home equity, and interests.
  • Excellence: We endeavor to achieve the highest degree of education, experience, and innovation for our clients’ best benefit.
  • Expertise: We use skill, care, and diligence to strive for a smooth transaction, start to finish.
  • Service: We make every effort to exceed our clients’ expectations in communication, service, and results, and serve them like they were our own family.


  • Our job is to give our clients all the real estate information and advice that they need to make the best decisions for themselves and their families, then go to work for them in partnership to make it happen.