Resources for Home Owners

We’re happy to provide these resources for home owners. With over 20 years experience in the real estate business, Thomas Scott, our Operations Manager, has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He shares answers here to home owners most common and problematic questions. 

The Value of Solar Panels on a Resale Single Family Home

The Value of Solar Panels on a Resale Home

Valuing solar panels on a resale home can be difficult. This is new in real estate, comparable sales are sparse, and research didn’t turn up any definitive standards. Let’s take a look at the situation and some ways to come to a value 

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Home Remodeling for Seniors with Disabilities

As seniors age, they may face a number of physical disabilities that can limit their daily activities. This can make it difficult for them to perform necessary tasks such as cooking and cleaning around the house. Fortunately, many home remodeling solutions are available to help seniors with disabilities improve their quality of life. This guide provides helpful advice on how to make home renovations for seniors with disabilities, from installing accessibility features to choosing the right materials. With these tips, seniors with disabilities can create a home environment that is safe and comfortable for their needs.

Home Sellers Also Should Hire a Home Inspector

One idea is to hire a home inspector about a month before the home goes on the market, then use his report as a punch list of things to repair. Once the repairs are completed, the home inspector will come back for a nominal fee, check those items, and update the report. This accomplishes two things. Homeowners have no surprises when the buyer comes back with their inspection results and the clean inspection report can be included in the MLS showing buyers that the home is in good condition. Even if a few items are not repaired, disclosing this to buyers sets everyone’s expectations correctly and everyone sails through the inspection period.

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Florida Homeowners Insurance Update

The homeowners insurance industry is currently going through some fairly major changes here in Florida and I wanted to provide some highlights as to what is occurring. There are multiple things in play that are impacting the state as a whole. The article linked below explains exactly what is going on. 

Some Creative Ways to Make Your Home Brighter

Common advice for home sellers is to turn all the lights on for showings and open houses. That is great advice. Home buyers find bright homes more appealing. But what if that’s not enough?

HOA Estoppel Letters | A Sometimes High & Unexpected Home Selling Expense

When you sell your home, you provide the buyer a warranty deed, which guarantees that you hold clear title to the property and that you have the right to sell it. Your guarantee is backed up by a title insurance policy, which you purchase as a closing expense and provide to the buyers and their lender. Before a title company will issue a policy, they ensure that in-fact there are no liens or encumbrances on the property, such as a mortgage loan, city municipal lien, or mechanic’s lien, and that home owners’ association (HOA) dues are paid in full.

Relative Humidity – An Important Factor for Good Indoor Air Quality

I retired in 2012 after twenty-four years as a pharmacist in central Florida. As we got into the winter season every year, I have had plenty of requests for humidifiers, mostly from parents of sick children. While it’s almost a tradition to run a humidifier for a sick child, especially in the winter months, it can at times be counter-productive and make things worse.

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You Have a Contract to Buy or Sell Your Home. Now What?

The Jean Scott Team doesn’t stop working once we’ve gotten your home under contract – my name is Laci, and I handle Contract to Close for all of our clients.  It’s my job to ensure that your home moves smoothly through all of the many steps of the closing process.

The Real Property Seller’s Disclosure | A Great Selling Tool

When you decide to put your home on the market for sale the Real Property Seller’s Disclosure is a great selling tool. It is a document that is the completed by the Seller that conveys all information about their home to potential Buyers.

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How We Make YOUR HOME Stand Out in the Market

After selling over 1,100 homes, we can confidently say that we know what it takes to get your home maximum exposure and capture top dollar in the real estate market! No matter your situation, time frame, or home condition, we have strategies to help with your home sale at an opportune time for you and your family.