Resources for Home Buyers

We’re happy to provide these resources for home buyers. With over 20 years experience in the real estate business, Thomas Scott, our Operations Manager, has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He shares answers here to home owners most common and problematic questions. 

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Your Oviedo Home Offer is In! What Are Your Chances?

You are writing an offer in one of the hottest small towns in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, Oviedo, Florida. We know there are multiple, multiple offers and it’s competitive. As a Realtor working with buyers, I would give them my back-of-the napkin, gut feel about how strong their offer is and their odds of it getting accepted. That was based on my years of experience, my read of the situation, and how I see offers coming in for the listing on our own team.

Rachel Pope, Listing Specialist

Work Directly with the Listing Agent or Hire a Buyer’s Agent

We occasionally receive calls from buyers who want to work directly with our listing agent. Our listing specialist and the listing side of our team work only for the sellers. It’s part of our value proposition to homeowners who hire us to sell their home for them. We do not represent buyers and negotiate against homeowners who hired us.

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Lease With Right to Purchase

We have helped several families on both sides of the transaction – home buyers and sellers – with the Home Partners of America Lease with Right to Purchase Program. All the details are on their website, Here’s a brief overview for home buyers:

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Wetlands in Florida

There isn’t much vacant land left in Central Florida zoned for single family residences or agriculture that doesn’t have some wetlands on it.

Laci Burkes

You Have a Contract to Buy or Sell Your Home. Now What?

The Jean Scott Team doesn’t stop working once we’ve gotten your home under contract – my name is Laci, and I handle Contract to Close for all of our clients.  It’s my job to ensure that your home moves smoothly through all of the many steps of the closing process.

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Buying a Home in Florida? The Benefits of Getting a Survey.

We often get asked by home buyers here in the Orlando, FL area if they need to pay for a survey and why would they need one. The short answer is, “Yes”. It’s our opinion you should pay to have a survey done before purchasing your home. There are several good reasons for getting one.

I’m at the Closing Table – Why Can’t I Have My Keys??

Often buyers and sellers are surprised by some of the issues that can pop up within the last few days before closing. Sudden difficulties when you feel like you’re right at the finish line can make what was otherwise a smooth transaction feel like a nightmare. On the Jean Scott Team, we pride ourselves in doing everything we can to prepare our clients for any possible scenario – one of the hurdles most often unexpected is funding.

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